The Basics of NERC-CIP Standards

December 17th, 2010 | Industry News

The term NERC refers to the North American Reliability Corporation, a not for profit organization created to “ensure the bulk electric system in North America is reliable, adequate and secure.” Certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as the Electric Reliability Organization, NERC is responsible for the following:

  • Establish and enforce the reliability standards for bulk-power systems
  • Train, educate and certify industry professionals
  • Summer and winter forecasts
  • Asses adequacy via 10-year forecast
  • Monitor the bulk power system

The acronym CIP refers to Critical Infrastructure Protection and is maintained by NERC to make certain the protection of Critical Cyber Assets that control or impact the reliability of North America’s bulk electric systems. These standards are in place to protect us from crippling cyber attacks and ensure preparedness and response to serious incidents that involve critical infrastructure. CIP defines these critical infrastructures into the following sectors as each utilizes unique protocols and applications:

  • Banking and finance
  • Transportation
  • Power including electricity, oil, and gas
  • Information and communications
  • Federal and municipal services:
  • Emergency services
  • Fire departments
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Public works

New threats are constantly emerging and many companies need assistance managing and maintaining a reliable bulk electric system. This is vital as these systems rely on the cyber assets that support critical reliability functions and processes to communicate with each other for data and services. That is why it is crucial to address these risks and ensure protection of cyber assets.

The NERC-CIP compliance experts at Security Management Consulting (SMC) provide assessment and deployment services to analyze issues and establish sustainable solutions. Our track record and experience is unparalleled in the industry. To speak with one of our NERC-CIP compliance company, call SMC at 877-788-9200 or fill out the contact form on our website.