Closed Circuit Television or CCTV: Security 101

June 19th, 2010 | Security 101

Companies have increasingly turned to CCTV systems as a tool to control costs while maintaining or increasing levels of security and life safety. In response to this demand, the CCTV manufacturing industry has developed a complex array of sophisticated, yet generally cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing systems.

The selection and design of a CCTV system which complies with a company’s security program requirements and budget constraints can be a challenge to even the most experienced systems designers. It is not a problem for our consultants.

Important Functions of CCTV

  • To deter criminal activity by the conspicuous location of CCTV cameras in high risk or public areas.
  • To provide an accurate means for the detection of criminal activity or emergency situations, and to provide reliable information.
  • To provide admissible evidence to aid in criminal prosecution or in defense of a premises liability case.