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Fire Protection Systems Consulting and Life-Safety Project Support

Security Management Consulting provides project and program support for Fire Protection and Life-Safety Systems.  Our full-time staff includes NICET-Certified Senior Engineering Technicians (Level IV), NFPA-Certified Fire Protection Specialists, and licensed electrical contractors with extensive hands-on experience in the latest technologies.  We are experienced in a variety of applications and environments, including assembly, commercial, educational (including college and university), government, health care, industrial, manufacturing, military, residential, warehouse and historical.

Most corporate risk management and safety groups find it impractical to maintain in-house resources with the specialized knowledge of fire protection and life-safety systems needed for internal project management.  SMC can support day-to-day programs and new construction projects with the following types of services:

  • Assessment of current systems and programs;
  • Pre-project gap analysis;
  • Cost-justification analysis;
  • Development of design narrative and RFP documents;
  • Design review;
  • Vendor pre-qualification;
  • Bid review;
  • Project management and vendor coordination;
  • In-field support for construction phase;
  • Project QA and benchmarking;
  • System testing and acceptance;
  • Project close-out and document turnover; and
  • General Code consulting.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you in evaluating your critical fire protection and life safety system needs and your program to meet both Code and corporate risk management requirements.