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General Consulting Services

SMC provides support services to corporate security organizations, including general assessments of current security programs and the development of security policies, procedures, design guidelines, and standards specific to the industry and location.

SMC conducts assessments to develop both general and specific recommendations for security policies and procedures, security post orders, physical security programs, contingency and disaster recovery planning, and other countermeasures for identified risks. Standard risk assessment methodologies are applied to each assessment, providing an objective third-party evaluation.

SMC’s master planning concept will provide the client with a logical approach to achieving goals and objectives, as well as mapping the steps required to achieve them. SMC frequently prepares one-, three- and five-year plans for clients and consults on a regular basis to assess overall progress.

A formal business continuity plan is now an essential part of business operations. SMC works with clients to develop, test, and implement their plans. In addition, our team will work with clients to understand the process concepts, educate management and operations personnel, and keep projects on track, on task, and on budget.

In addition to general security consulting, SMC can develop complete corporate security programs, or review and update existing programs. When developing a program, careful consideration is given to industry standards of care, operating resources, statutory and regulatory requirements, and corporate culture. Many clients turn to SMC on an annual basis for an objective review of their current programs.