Cyber Attacks Are Out There & You Need to Protect Yourself

December 14th, 2010 | Industry News, Security Articles & Tips

We live in a society that’s built on technology, access and information. It seems that most things – everything from communication to commerce – rely on computers and the internet to operate smoothly. Just think about how much of your job depends on the web, or how much of your critical information is stored on a computer. It can be a little intimidating to think just how much we count on technology in our everyday lives. With such a high reliance on computers, neglecting cyber security could be extremely costly.

So what exactly is Cyber Security? In a nutshell, it’s the protection of all things web-related – from information stored in computer databases, to applications, to the networks themselves. The need for this protection stems from our reliance on the internet and the emergence of new technologies, like Web 2.0, that foster online information sharing and collaboration. The simple fact is there are bad people out there are willing to harm anyone for personal gain.

Forms of Cyber Attacks

There are many types of cyber threats and each has their own level of potential impact requiring a unique solution for each situation. The impending level of danger will determine the level of sophistication the safety measure will require to protect you from an attack.

There are a wide range of cyber attacks: from simple malicious codes – known as spyware or malware – to devastating viruses that can erase all of the information on your computer and allow hackers to access your personal data. Frequently, the codes sneak through your security system when you visit a web page or by opening an email. These codes can exploit the holes in assorted applications and place themselves inside the computer system. Once “inside” they can copy and contaminate other computers by attaching themselves to the emails that are sent through your local network. These malevolent codes are usually very complex as they “trick” your system by claiming they do one thing, and instead do something all together different. While spyware and malware can cause havoc, cyber attacks could include worms or viruses which can cause much more harm.

While codes can be dangerous, another serious threat could be hackers or attackers. No matter how you analyze it, worms and viruses can only perform the actions that they were programmed to do. But hackers are human beings and they can uncover the information they want and use it for whatever they choose. However, sometimes hackers are just testing out their skills and are just pulling a prank rather than trying to steal information for personal gain.

Implementing a Cyber Security Plan

Regardless of the threat, it’s paramount that you and your company know about cyber security and how to protect yourself. It’s necessary to analyze your computers and uncover where your vulnerabilities are. This is why it’s crucial to continuously update your software since new threats are being produced every hour and having an updated system could help protect you from being attacked. In addition, if you store sensitive customer information, it would be smart business to work with experts who can determine weaknesses in your system and provide solutions to repair it. All it takes is one security breach to do permanent damage to your business and brand.

Cyber security needs to be a part of any smart business plan. New threats are constantly popping up and they are looking to harm your business. If you would like assistance in developing a cyber security plan, the experts at Security Management Consulting can help. Just fill out the consultation for on our website or give us a call at 877-788-9200.