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Integrated Security Systems

Today’s demands will force companies to integrate essentially all security activities, including the following:

  • Access control
  • Alarms
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Video Imaging Badging
  • Time & Attendance,
  • Investigation Reporting
  • Secondary Fire Alarm
  • Building Systems Monitoring

An integrated security system that incorporates all of these functions into one will enable you to make a larger contribution to the company, a value beyond access control, and provide additional justification to management.

SMC can design a fully integrated system that is modular and very easy to operate. An integrated system should provide better control of a facility than several non-integrated systems. More information is accessible in a faster, more convenient and more understandable format. More time is available to react to facility needs. Therefore, facility staff are more involved and effective. A good system will solve problems, instead of create them.

The Drawing Package

After meeting with the client to discuss security goals, some plans are drawn up from architectural CAD files. Included in the Drawing Package, Security Management Consulting examines the building and creates site and building floorplans, as necessary, to locate areas of security weakness and determine a solution.

An architecturally sized drawing is created showing security device locations for installers. Using the symbols on the Plan drawing, a security installer can later refer to a Details drawing for extensive installation instructions.

Without excellent installation instructions, security installers are likely to make mistakes. Small errors, like mounting a card reader on the wrong side of an interior door, will render the entire installation and device worthless.

Details: Architects’ details do not often differentiate between protected and unprotected side of door, and installers often do not know the overall security plan. There is a huge difference between designing a security system and just adding door locks and security cameras.

Risers: Security device risers provide installers with information about wiring requirements, for trenching and conduit purposes. They show every device needed to render the system operational. Every device in the project is schematically represented.