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Custom Security Training

The experts SMC can customize an existing course for you or create a course from scratch. Here is what you can expect:

  • SMC will review with you the topics and learning points you need.
  • SMC will write the course and provide an outline for your review.
  • SMC will pitch the course to the appropriate professional level for optimal learning.
  • SMC will develop graphics, charts, and sound effects for the PowerPoint presentation and handouts.
  • SMC will be objective in the presentation of the course, favoring no manufacturer or vendor.

If you need a longer course or a shorter course in order to meet your training schedule, ask us about modifying and existing course by limiting the topic or breaking the course into shorter sessions. If you need a longer or more detailed course, ask us about how we can address specific topics in depth. Let your training needs dictate your training, and not the other way around.