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 Badge Point is an automated system to allow cardholders to make requests for badge modifications, and managers to review them, without involving the security staff. Changes can only be made by authorized users, all requests and modifications are logged, and notifications are all done by e-mail. The Badge Point system removes the cumbersome paperwork from your badging process, and automates much of your cardholder management.


  • Permits specific managers to create new badge records or modify existing records in Picture Perfect for one or more individuals.
  • Allows individual cardholders to request additional category permissions on their own badge only.
  • Physical door key requests using the same authentication/request authorization schema as category requests.
  • An automated audit reporting feature which will send area access reports via e-mail to responsible parties with a time sensitive response requirement.
  • Comprehensive auditing and activity logging report capability for all requests, modifications, approvals and/or denials, user log-ins, and failed log-ins.

Supported Platforms: Picture Perfect 3.0
Database: Informix
Web Server: Apache