Logo HRSync For Picture Perfect

Import data into your Picture Perfect System with the HRSync utility. HRSync allows you to connect to any number of systems and provides built in business logic to translate your data. HRSync supplements the import/export utility to properly import data into Picture Perfect.

HR Software Features

  • Import form all major database vendors, LADP and text files
  • Schedule import for any frequency and times that you want
  • Automatically assign access permissions to badges
  • Automatically disable badges
  • Ensure accuracy of cardholder information
  • Advanced scripting capabilities
  • Speed up system roll out by pre-populating your database
  • Optional expert utility to export data and photos

Supported Databases: Any ODBC/JDBC compatible
Tested: Informix, Oracle, DB2, and MS SQL Server
Supported Picture Perfect Platforms: AIX, Unixware, Linux
Available for: Picture Perfect 1.7 and higher