Special Systems Integration : Security 101

August 25th, 2010 | Security 101

Today’s demands will force companies to integrate essentially all security activities. Access control, alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV), video imaging badging, time and attendance, investigation reporting, and secondary fire alarm and building systems monitoring are likely to be part of an integrated system. A security system of this caliber will enable you to make a larger contribution to the company, a value beyond access control, and provide additional justification to management.

Security Management Consulting can design a fully integrated system that is modular and very easy to operate. An integrated system should provide better control of a facility than several non-integrated systems. More information is accessible in a faster, more convenient and more understandable format. More time is available to react to facility needs. Therefore, facility staff are more involved and effective. A good system will solve problems, instead of create them.